I’ve reached a landmark, DnR has now hit it’s 150th page – I had no idea of how many pages I had done but I gotta say I thought it was much more than it is because it feels like I’ve been workin’ on it forever!

What I mean by that is that I can’t remember a time when DnR wasn’t a concern for me, when I wasn’t workin’ on the next page or sittin’ scribblin’ ideas for stories to do after I finally finish this current arc. which is lasting forever. hahah 2 years next month, time fairly flies when yer enjoyin’ yerself!
It’s been a brilliant project to be potterin’ with, somethin’ with deadlines that keeps me constantly workin’, nice to see how my style has changed as the tools I’m workin’ with have changed
and to have a developing week to week project that helps me dig out the things I need to work on are.

I love DnR – and I’m very chuffed to have reached 150 pages, so If you’ve been readin’ this wee labour o’love o’mine and supportin’ me as I’ve worked up till now then thank you,
and I’ll hopefully finish the first story before another 150 pages are done, hahah.

No promises though.

Much love –