Updating on a regular basis is something I thought I’d never manage to stick too, but here’s Monday and here’s another update! huzzah!

That being said, it’s only what, the second or third update? the fact that i can’t remember does little to inspire belief in my memory hahah.

Though, as always i am a’pluggin’ away makin’ more merriment and tryin’ to get ahead of myself here, so thank you for comin’ back to check out the latest page of Dillion and Richmond, or if it’s your first time reading, WELCOME! imaginary cookie to you!

In the next comin’ weeks there may be additions/wee changes to DnR in terms of layout and stuff, but it shouldn’t effect updates or anythin’ so I’m really just babblin’ for the sake’ve babblin’ now.


ALSO, check out the new links section to the right, for the friends of DnR are hilarious sods!

And here’s a wee study of some wolves i did as practice a while back for the sake’ve sharing something extra.