Hey folks, apologies for the lack of comics recently – over the festive period I actually took time off to try’n get a nice chunk of work done to DnR and a few other projects but instead I’ve been stricken with illness since about boxing day so I’ve gotten bugger all done hahah

But, I’m back. my health is slowly improvin’ and I’ll hopefully be back to doin’ regular pages shortly – that said, I’ll continue with one page of DnR a week while I’m workin’ on other projects which I’ll try’n be ready to share some news about soon.
in the meantime, ye can check out my instagram at https://www.instagram.com/fabledreptilian/ and check out some’ve my 1 hour comics at https://1hourcomics.tumblr.com/ and as always, anythin’ of worth I do (that isnt comic pages) ends up on my DA, so g’wan have a gander at that too
if yer in the mood https://silverback1.deviantart.com/

Friday sees the second arc’s 50th page hit, so we’re workin’ slowly towards havin’ a second shelf worthy book, I hope you’ll all stick with me
as we move towards that inevitable goal ken hahah

hope yer all well, happy new year and all that pish