Hello, True Believers!

and Welcome, to the my very first website, and to the beginning of a hopefully long-lasting and ever-updating adventure in the arcane and awesome world of

Dillion and Richmond.

Now, seeing as this is whole ‘making a website’ thing is new to me, and that my characters are fairly unknown to anyone else I really have no idea about what to say at the moment, because I don’t want t’give anything away about story or character development, so this might be a bit’ve a boring post…let’s start with the simple stuff.

Firstly, I’ve posted the first 19 pages of DnR for your reading enjoyment, all you have to do to start reading is click ‘first’ in the above menu, or head to the archive and find the earliest post, this is my first attempt at a site so don’t be surprised if things change all the time, I still need a finished, cleaner logo, and I’m generally fickle when it comes to anything i do .

Secondly, the About page is also frighteningly vague and empty, as is the characters segment, I will be updating these as soon as i can with bio’s on characters as they appear, so hopefully, within a week or 2, there’ll be a little info on our two titular titans.

Thirdly, i want to thank you for finding your way to this humble site, whether you are a friend who is reading this out of support or an internaut who stumbled onto my happy little patch of internet, your traffic means a lot and I’m happy to have my work reach someone at all.

Lastly, if you are one’ve those long-suffering but supportive members of my friends and family who has been being bored by me and rantings about DnR over the last howeverlongitsbeen, i appreciate the patience and apoligise,  because I imagine I’m only going to be worse from now on, hahah.

But anyway, Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy!